The Abromiskes Rehabilitation Hospital is recognized as a leader for its expertise in developing individually customized inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Up to 5000 clients visit Abromiskes Rehabilitation Hospital during a year.

Our highly skilled and committed staff provide specialized treatment, education and outreach support for people recovering from:

In the children's rehabilitation department are treated the following illnesses:

In the Abromiskes Rehabilitation Hospital are working about 30 doctors of different specialities: kinesiotherapists, ergotherapists, psychologists, pediatricians, opthamologists, cardiologists, neurologists. We continually invest in the newest patient treatment equipment and information technology and provide quality, patient-focused health care services.



Price list for the paid medical services (per day and night)

Luxury apartments

for one person 179,00 LTL / 51,84 EUR

for two persons 156,50 LTL / 45,33 EUR

The price includes: