Abromiskiu aura



Right from the start of 1977, both the having arrived from far and the local patients are constantly telling that they feel from the first minute a certain strange stream of energy trickling to them that is pleasant and refreshing.

Most often they talk about a strong, especially favorable aura.

Little by little I also swallowed the fluttering here good aura of Abromiskes.

Where did the aura appear from? Maybe from splendid manor house of the Counts Pliateriai, which was situated in Abromiskes? Maybe, the presence of the Aura is saved by silent Girkalniai old cemetery, or by shade of villages and Zverincius forest inundated by Elektrenai Sea, or may be by astonishing Lake Oris, its strands, the Grazelenka streamlet slithery in the mystic bank, the Sarkine and Saltiniai forests, or long ago died from the Black Death prople spirits of Girnakaliai village?

And what about us working in this place? Most probably we are also possessed by this aura in good sense, simply we not always it feel in the trivial round of work…

I started looking for the aura and attempt to take its picture: in the morning at dawn, in daytime assisted by bumbling of bumblebees, during the rain, during middle medical watch. However the aura, even sometimes you can it feel physically, is just a puff purportedly wishing to tease me a little, and it go in clouds, hide in rain drops, mist, deep water or in the midst of trees, in the night darkness…

I am still looking for the aura up to now…

I increasingly become sure such search should be made not in the Nature, but in everyday toil of working around people and their devotion, in eyes and hearts of patients, their hope to fight dissability, in tears of joy at the first steps done or words spoken after illness, in hard feeling of frustration if they achieved less.

Stumbling with my ability to express it, I still postpone it for future.

Here I attempt to show a part of my searching, or maybe the findings as well.

If turning over the pages of the photo album gives you pause of the harmonious coexistence of Nature and human activities even for a moment, this would be an invaluable feedback for encouragement to my further hopeful search. My belief is chosen pathway will increase even more.

Vidmantas Mickevičius