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rehabilitation center

We work since 1976

About us

We work since 1976

Rehabilitation center Abromishkes – a modern, European center of regenerative medicine, located 45 km from the capital of Lithuania, the city of Vilnius. Every year more than 6000 patients from different countries of the world receive medical treatment here.
Medical institution the rehabilitation center Abromishes is included into Lithuanian national health system. It has a license to provide rehabilitation, recovery and diagnostic medical care.

The main purpose of the rehabilitation center is to provide qualitative, effective medical care after serious diseases, traumas and surgeries. As well to work in the area of preventive, healing and diagnostic medicine.
We specialize in the maximum recovery of damaged functions. We help patients cope with the consequences of diseases, which can not be corrected by medicinal or surgical means only. In the process of treatment, the specialists of the center apply modern approaches to recovery, choose individual methods of rehabilitation and correct the healing process.









210 stationary places for permanent treatment

the rehabilitation process is supervised by a team of trained doctors

specialists with specialized education in the area of recovery medicine

adaptation, achievement of a goal, psychological comfort – it is work of psychologists

Abromishkes - the largest specialized medical rehabilitation enterprise in Lithuania. A team of more than 50 rehabilitation specialists provides treatment and care for patients.

A multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation is applied. We involve doctors of different specialties, we provide psychological assistance, we work in the field of social adaptation. Rehabilitation is a complicated, long process. We have accumulated serious experience in this area of medicine and use proven methods of treatment.

We also work in the field of preventive and wellness medicine. We accept patients for the recovery of altered functions and for the training of control and care skills. In the rehabilitation process we use specialized technical equipment, massive application of physiotherapy procedures, work with kinesitherapists, ergotherapists, psychologists.



A separate attention we pay to quality control

When a patient arrives, it is compiled a table of primary indicators of impaired functions, which includes diagnostic and index data. In the process of rehabilitation, at discharge these data are monitored and statistically processed. It allows to achieve a positive result of recovery, both in the subjective evaluation of the patient and in the field of objective indexes.


Diagnostic control at the reception.

Rehabilitation index list.

Control during treatment.

Scale of index improvement at discharge.

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The medical center Abromishkes often offers a package treatment which means a pre-formed plan for examination and rehabilitation treatment for various diseases.


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