Map of Abromishkes

Google cartographic service allows to obtain a detailed information that our patients may interest. Also to make virtual tours in the rehabilitation center.

You can expand the map to the full screen of the monitor. To do this press the button in the upper right corner of the map. A large map provides a more comfortable viewing, and further actions are more convenient on a full screen.

It is possible to zoom in the details or vice versa to reduce the map of the terrain, so that to align with cities and countries, using the zoom button in the lower right corner of the map.

If you zoom in and switch to the Satellite view, the buildings and the surrounding environment will be visible.

You can make a virtual tour with the help of the site view service. To do this, increase the map and transfer an icon of the little man directly to the designation of the rehabilitation center (red circle with the letter H, Hospital). The virtual tour mode will appear. Using the mouse you can move around the arrows of Google, look in all directions. Exit from this mode: the arrow "left" in the upper left corner of the tour mode.
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