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System of discounts

A pleasant addition to the treatment in Abromishkes.

There is a system of discounts in the rehabilitation center. Some of them are temporary and related to certain dates, the other one is permanent and more focused on Your convenience during the recovery.


Free transfer

In the period from 10th of December 2017 to 10th of January 2018 we offer a free transfer of our patients to the transport hubs of Vilnius: the airport or the railway station. Within the specified dates you can order a meeting or vice versa - completely for free.

Проживание в реабилитационном центре

Discount for accompanying person

The rehabilitation center offers a 30% discount on all wellness programs for an accompanying person. This means that a relative or acquainted arriving with the patient can choose and pass any wellness program on preferential terms. To support the relative and to recover at the same time is a reasonable decision.


- 20% for a double room

Arriving for a stay for at least 12 nights - you can get a discount of 20% when placing in a 2-bedroom. Please note that this system of benefits is applicable for patients who are unaccompanied. Perhaps, there will be another patient living in the room and receiving a treatment.

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