Answers to the most frequent questions

What is asked most often. We tried to answer, describe and tell in more detail. Did not find the information you need? Contact us - we will give explanations for any occasion.

General questions

1Abromishkes – is it medical institution?
Yes. Abromishkes is a state hospital of rehabilitation and diagnostic profile. It is part of the structure of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania and has valid licenses for the provision of medical-rehabilitation, recovery and diagnostic assistance.
2Your institution – is it private medical center?
No. Rehabilitation center Abromishkes is a state health institution. However, we have the right to provide services on a commercial basis, to treat paid patients including meals and accommodation. Commercial patients are a completely different flow of our patients.
3Do you treat or carry out health-improving activities?
We want to pay your attention: Abromishkes is a hospital institution. With a full staff of doctors and specialists of rehabilitation profile, specialized equipment and proven methods. We deal with complicated cases of recovery after major vascular attacks, traumas, surgeries and congenital pathology. Nevertheless - we have wellness, preventive programs, which will be useful to everyone.
4How are you different from others?
It is difficult to answer this question. Abromishkes - the largest rehabilitation institution in Lithuania. With its rich history and practice. Good technical equipment, specialized staff, experience and excellent psychological climate. Plus, low prices. Perhaps, such are our differences.
5What countries do you work with?
We accept patients from any country. Of course, our focus is on Russian-speaking and English-speaking patients. Our specialists able to speak these languages. But if the patient speaks a different language, we will ask for services of translators.
6Can I come to you just like for nothing?
No. You must pre-book the room and determine terms of the treatment. In difficult cases we will ask for medical documents. They will be reviewed by our specialists and they decide about the possibility of providing assistance. All these issues are easily solved through the administrator of the rehabilitation center.
7How to contact you?
We have provided with all kinds of modern communication. You can just write a letter. Directly from the site or to our e-mail addresses. You can call using Skype. If you are an active user of WhatsApp: the negotiation function is implemented both from the site and from the mobile phone. If you do not use these technologies - you can order a call back. Or just call us by phone in Lithuania.
8Who I will talk to?
You will talk or correspond with the chief administrator for work with clients: Olga Yereshiuniene. She is a very experienced coordinator and will answer all questions of interest.

Questions about treatment

1What medical documents should I bring?
Although for registration for rehabilitation we do not require special documents, if you have on hand any medical documentation relating to the disease - please take it with you. This will help our doctors.
2I have contraindications to the procedures.
Abromishkes is a rehabilitation center with qualified doctors. During the initial examination and preparation of the rehabilitation program, we take into account contraindications. Moreover - we will perform additional studies to prescribe the most optimal complex.
3Is it possible during the treatment to get a consultation of doctors of other specialties?
Yes. To do this, select the Premium treatment package. Then, in addition to the attending physician, you will have an additional 2 doctors-consultants of the required specialties.
4Will there be an additional diagnostics?
Yes. Each patient is assigned a primary complex of examinations. One is minor and included into the basic package, the other one is quite voluminous and included into the Premium package. Nevertheless, we have our diagnostic department and will do the necessary examination, if necessary.
5Is it possible to achieve an effect in complicated cases?
Our specialists do everything possible to get the recovery of the lost or impaired function. We have qualified and experienced rehabilitators who have extensive experience in treating complicated patients. In a number of cases we apply techniques that were not used in other medical institutions. It gives its own positive potential.
6Will I be treated in a group?
Basic assignments are executed individually. But there are training programs and some workouts that take place in groups. And it has its own inner meaning.
7My lesions significantly affect the freedom of movement. How can I be?
Abromishkes is the rehabilitation center where is everything necessary to serve patients with serious disabilities of any functions. You just need to get to us.
8What is Back Check?
Back Check and Biodex are German systems for diagnosing of muscle pain of unknown origin in the neck, back and waist. With the subsequent system of precision training for the cupping of a pain syndrome.

Accommodation and rooms

1Does the price include meals?
Yes. The cost of treatment includes accommodation in the selected category of rooms and qualitative 3 meals a day. It's enough for patients. In addition there is a tea room. We do not recommend buying of additional products in stores.
2Can I eat in the room?
Yes. You can eat in your room. Bedridden patients food will be delivered directly to the room.
3Why the cost of a double room is the lowest?
Because such categories are intended to serve 2 patients. And the price is indicated not for the number (as in the examples for a single room or suite), but in fact for a bed-place.
4Can I have an extra bed in a single room or de Luxe appartment?
Yes. It is possible and is done at the request of the patient for accompanying persons. Or the entire double room is taken, in this case the cost of the full double room will be lower.
5I will be accompanied - where will he (she) eat?
We provide a full board for accompanying persons, it will be at our center. In addition, they will be offered a wellness program on preferential terms.
6Can it be that all rooms are occupied?
It is possible in principle. Therefore, we recommend you to pre-book a room of the selected category. At the same time, the center is able to accept 100 commercial patients. But the number of high class rooms is limited.
7How do patients spend their leisure time?
We pay a serious concern about a variety of recreation during rehabilitation. It is offered scandinavian walk, walk, relax in the winter garden, watching movies, the library and much more.
8Can I take a trip to Trakai, for example?
Yes, it is possible. If there is a group, we arrange it by our own efforts. Otherwise - we will use the services of an individual organizer of excursions to Vilnius, Trakai, Druskininkai.
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