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Rehabilitation in Lithuania: it is simple

Rehabilitation center Abromishkes - a hospital institution of the rehabilitation profile, located in Lithuania. The large green area, the water area and good transport accessibility - we are located 45 km from the capital, the city of Vilnius – make the center the most popular rehabilitation institution.

Citizens of other countries, nevertheless, have additional questions: another country, possible visa problems, communication language, how to get there? During the years of work in solving of many big and small problems, we have developed a well-established system of work with foreign patients. It allows to ignore the fact that the treatment is far from the motherland, other way round - to focus on the process of rehabilitation itself. To recover both functionally and psychologically.
What are the patients most often interested in?


Doubt: it is far away

Modern rehabilitation assistance is a separate, specialized type of medical care. With its peculiarities both in technical equipment and in the selection of the personnel. Accordingly - in any country such medical institution is created as a unit serving a large territory. And a patient, who needs not just water procedures, but also quality care - will go to a specialized center. Probably even farther than we are located. And taking into account a transport availability - perhaps not farther, but longer. Your goal is the city of Vilnius.

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Doubt: other country

This issue is given much attention. We are obliged to make the rehabilitation process comfortable and affordable. Even for foreigners, taking into account transportation costs. We have a visa support system for residents of the non-Schengen zone, we cooperate with migration services and arrange invitations. We are very serious about the quality standards in the recovery process. It is believed that we have a very affordable pricing policy. In addition, you can choose by self a room, duration of treatment. And the effect of another country ... it simply will disappear.


Visa support


Doubt: language barrier

Our staff tries to speak the language of the patient. Most doctors speak Russian, many speak English. And the most importantly: upon arrival our meeting staff will surround you with care, they speak your language. During rehabilitation they will ask about the opinion, wish and dynamics of the process. In other words - getting to us for treatment - from the doorstep you get into our friendly team, where an exact person bears a responsibility for you.



Doubt: how to get the and accompanying persons

It is easy to get to us by self from the city of Vilnius (contacts). However, for foreigners who are seriously ill, for people after surgery and persons with escort, we recommend to book a meeting transport at the airport or railway station in Vilnius. In this case an arrival process is maximum simple. And the cost of the additional service is insignificant. Please note: if you arrive for treatment not alone, choose the appropriate room. We accommodate accompanying persons, providing them with meals. We also provide them preferential terms for passage of health programs.




Where to begin?

3 simple steps to proceed the rehabilitation

Required documents and visas

In most cases no special documents are required to start rehabilitation. Only an identity card. Initial diagnostic procedures we conduct by ourselves.

However, in a number of cases, after severe diseases, surgery or injuries, the attending physician recommends to adhere a particular treatment. Or, due to certain circumstances, he prohibits the passage of certain procedures. In the end, a person, especially old age, may have chronic accompanying illnesses requiring additional medical attention and control. In these cases we ask you to bring an extract from the medical history, the recommendations of the attending physician, also to know the doses and names of the constantly taken medications.
In addition, we get questions regarding the possibility of rehabilitation with rare diseases and conditions. In these cases we ask for an extract from the disease history (or outpatient card) about the previous treatment and its effect.
If you have medical documents on hand, you can send them to us in any way from the Consultation page.

We help to get a Schengen visa for both patients and accompanying persons.

If you live in the country of the non-Schengen zone, then a relevant visa is required for visiting Lithuania. In it is absent, we will arrange for you an Invitation on behalf of the Abromishkes Rehabilitation center. To issue this document, we will need copies of passports of all the incoming persons sent to us by e-mail. Formalities in the migration services take some time. As a result, an invitation for treatment will received and sent back to you. The received Invitation for treatment is the official and main document for obtaining a visa directly at the consulate of Lithuania or at the visa centers of your country. For all additional questions, please contact the hospital administrator for advice.

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