To obtain the optimal result of recovery treatment we apply all modern means. They are constantly being improved, some are recommended an emphasis on a drug rehabilitation, others - massive physiotherapy procedures. Nevertheless, there are a number of common points that we describe as the main methods of treatment.
Only with a child we have a chance to return to the magical world: to reread fairy tales, to review children's films and to see the world in bright shades.

Oleg Roy

Kinesitherapy — a treatment by movement, is used in all cases, with all diseases, but especially important for restoring or improving motor function after a trauma, with problems of the musculoskeletal system and with neurological diseases. There are two gym halls in the pediatric department with a large assortment of modern new simulators.
A modern complex of simulators “Black-Check” is widely used. Two of our kinesitherapists were trained in Germany in the clinic of Dr.Wolf, where vertebral pathology treatment programs with use of a set of "Back-Check" simulators were created and developed. Principles of Dr. Wolff method: by computer diagnostic equipment the muscle condition is tested, then kinesitherapists make up an individual training program.

With a great success we apply and use new bike-simulators for children who do not control their legs, for example: with paralysis, muscle dystrophy. Such simulators passively train the legs of immobile patients.
The Red Cord system, which facilitates the work of kinesitherapists is widely used. This equipment intended for performing exercises, using the hanging effect of the whole or part of the body of patients.

The patients with diseases of the respiratory system are prescribed procedures that improve an expectoration, stimulate the regeneration of lung tissues and bronchial mucosa, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the respiratory muscles. Various inhalations are carried out: inhalation of warm, cold steam, inhalation with drugs, halo-inhalations. Salt inhalations are performed individually with the help of special inhalers, and also in the halo-chamber – in the saline room. Our small patients like this procedure is very much. They can play in a saltine room with salt, like sand in a sandbox, watch favorite animation films. This procedure improves respiratory function and psycho-emotional state.
A kinesitherapy in the water is especially important for treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. There is a vertical basin and 2 swimming pools in our department, one of pools designated for small children under 5 years old. They are equipped according to all the requirements for children's medical institutions – depth, lifts, water temperature. Children enjoy water procedures. These procedures improve blood circulation, reduce spasticity of muscles, relax and also strengthen the body.

Psychologists do a great job in our department, we now do not imagine the process of child rehabilitation without them. Psychologists individually consult the patients and their parents. Various group sessions are assigned to improve an adaptation and relaxation procedure. For the smallest ones for behavior correction and for hyperactive children the psychologists apply a game therapy. For older children and teenagers classes are conducted in the communication groups, in art groups – drawing, modeling from clay. Very popular groups are music therapy and video relaxation. It is very important that no interruption of teaching and education during the rehabilitation process. There is a comprehensive school in the department.

It is very important for us that every treated child would feel well and would know that he is loved here and he is safe here. That it would be fun and comfortable for him. Therefore, we pay much attention to the creation of a home environment. Furniture we purchase is so that it would not remind children a hospital.
Of course, for the most complicated patients we have functional beds and all the necessary accessories for care – multifunctional prams, lifting beds, modern walkers.
To keep children not bored there are such tenants in our department: rabbits, degus mouses, guinea pigs, hamsters, small fishes. This is the most favorite place of our youngest patients.
Full meal 4 times a day. Dining room after the renovation, it places about 150 people at a time.

Much attention in our center is paid to the rehabilitation of children with developmental disorders and to the education of parents who are actively involved in the rehabilitation process and are one of the most important members of the rehabilitation team. Pedagogues, educators and teachers are also important members of the rehabilitation team. Our patients attend a secondary school. It is very important that no interruption of teaching and education during the rehabilitation process, all conditions are created to eliminate a backlog in the learning process.
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