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Rehabilitation treatment for foreign citizens is paid. However, we try to make prices affordable for most categories of the population, especially by the ratio: service/quality. The price of treatment includes treatment, accommodation and meals. Separately, you can order a transfer to the rehabilitation center from the airport, accommodation/meals for accompanying persons. Accompanying people can also pass a wellness program. Payment is made in state currency (euro) at the center cashier's office.

The price is set by the hospital

Please note that there are no hidden fees. After you decide and agreed on the rehabilitation program, the final payment amount will be indicated by the rehabilitation center.

Pay only in place

Payment is made at the CASH OF THE REHABILITATION CENTER, in Lithuania, after registration and formalization for the treatment. No pledges/advances and prepayments. You can pay by any convenient way: credit card, cash, bank transfer.

Basic prices

The prices listed below are basic prices for 1 day of treatment/meals/accommodation. Thus, you can independently calculate the cost of treatment, depending on the desired duration and conditions of stay.

Ready-made programs

You can choose the treatment option and duration by calculating the cost basing on the prices listed below. Or – to choose a ready-made treatment program with a fixed cost.

Main prices of Abromishkes

Basic package

during the treatment you are controlled by 1 doctor, basic diagnostics.

Premium package

during the treatment you are consulted by 1 doctor, advanced diagnostics.

For the correct calculation of the price of treatment, we divide the whole complex of services into 2 segments. Or in other words - into 2 treatment packages. The characteristics of the packages and their main differences are shown in the following table.

* we mean consultation of a cardiologist for a non-profiled patient.

Additional services of the center

  • Attendant. Meals and accommodation in a single room
    €30 a day
  • Attendant. Meals and accommodation de Luxe
    €34 a day
  • Attendant. Wellness program
    €42 a day
  • Return transfer railway station / airport - clinic
  • Child. Rehabilitation treatment
    €48 a day
  • Attendant. Meals and accommodation
    €22 a day
  • Attendant. Meals and accommodation de Luxe
    €26 a day
  • Return transfer railway station / airport - clinic
In any rehabilitation package, the patient will be assigned 5 treatment physiotherapy procedures (if no contraindications), and he will be involved into the patients’ education program. We offer a short list of prescribed treatment and training programs.


Group and individual kinesiotherapy

Kinesiotherapy in water

Water physiotherapy: therapeutic baths, underwater massage, circular shower

Physiotherapy: electro-, heat-, light-, ultrasonic, magnetic-laser

Fango paraffin applications


Salina room

Psychological rehabilitation

Training programs

Correction of risk factors

Correction of feeding

Training of physical activity skills

Training of a heart failure control

Training of a blood pressure control


Back Check and Biodex diagnostics

In diagnostics and training we actively use a system consisting of 2 modern diagnostic complexes: the Back Check diagnostic system and the Biodex isokinetic system.

diagnostics «Back Check» — modern computer diagnostic equipment, which allows to establish the causes of pain of unknown origin in the neck, back, waist.

diagnostics "Biodex" — is a system of precise training and testing of muscles according to a pre-programmed program, which basic information is received from own diagnostic system.

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