Ready-made rehabilitation and wellness programs.

Treatment packages.

The medical center Abromishkes often offers a package treatment which means a pre-formed plan for examination and rehabilitation treatment for various diseases. These approaches to recovery have been worked out over the years and have proved themselves in most cases. Certainly, when meeting a patient, his individual characteristics will be taken into account, and this will influence the choice of the tactics of the examination or the appointment of certain procedures. Often, it is very beneficial for the patient, he knows what and how much he will receive during rehabilitation, what conditions he will live in, how much it will cost. All packages are divided into 2 groups: rehabilitation and wellness.


Rehabilitation packages

First of all, these packages are intended for recovery treatment after diseases, traumas, surgery and acute cardiovascular attacks. They include more detailed diagnostics, individual choice of procedures with a state control, selection of medications, often monitoring of related specialists.

Wellness packages

These packages are intended for prevention of diseases and attacks, keeping the proper level of the body functioning, increase of tolerance to loads. A certain attention here is paid to the physio-procedural approach and generally strengthening treatment.

We use ready-made programs in cardiology, neurology and traumatology. The ready-made packages have a different set of procedural services. In addition, the list of diagnostic and treatment methods differs in rehabilitation and wellness programs. Ready-made packages provide a fixed duration of recovery treatment: 7, 15 and 21 days. In addition to the duration, an accommodation option also affects the cost of package treatment. We offer accommodation in double, single rooms and de Luxe apartments.

Taking into account the specifics of our activities, the staff takes care about accompanying persons, offering them accommodation/meals and wellness treatment on preferential terms.

Understanding, it is a difficult task to describe all the features of the programs, we ready to answer all the arising questions and to find your own recovery program.

Main programs used

Example of the ready-made program

Example of a wellness
cardiology program

from 0 €


from 7 days


The cost depends on the duration of treatment and accommodation

You can choose the duration of the program yourself.


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Accommodation, meals and other services description

  • Diagnostics
  • Procedures
  • Training of a patient
  • “Back Check” diagnostics

Double room

374/ for 7 days

Double room with full board for 7 days / 6 nights

  • Basic
  • 5 a day

Single room

395/ for 7 days

Single room with full board for 7 days / 6 nights

  • Basic
  • 5 a day

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