Quality control

Rehabilitation in Lithuania: a qualitative service

We pay special attention to the quality of treatment in the rehabilitation center.

When a patient arrives, it is compiled a list of primary indicators of impaired functions, which includes diagnostic and standard rehabilitation index data. Both in the process of rehabilitation and at discharge these data are monitored and statistically processed. It allows to achieve a positive result of recovery, both in the subjective evaluation of the patient and in the field of objective indexes.

Abromishkes – a complex mechanism in restoring of the lost functions. More than 50 rehabilitation specialists and more than 70 middle-level medical personnel are involved. Every day the patient faces not only the process of recovery, procedures, examinations, but also with a human attitude. Both – during the treatment and the rest. Aiming to control of the quality of services, the psychological climate and the process of rehabilitation itself, there are protocols or rules of relationships with patients, methods of assessment of the work performed in the medical center. Each department compiles monthly performance reports. It includes both rehabilitation indexes and psychological satisfaction of the patient with the recovery process.

In a number of cases – rehabilitation is not just only a complicated and long process, but also a serious test for the patient. Already on the first course of treatment it is clear how quickly the effect will be obtained: it can be either very fast or very gradual. Our experts, basing on experience and individual response, draw up a phased recovery plan. At each stage both objective data of studies, rehabilitation indexes and subjective data of the patient's sensations are taken into account. The cumulative picture gives an opportunity to see progress and to give competent recommendations for further treatment.

The Barthel’s Index
The Ketle Index
Subjective dynamics
Subjective feedback about work
Diagnostic progress

Quality indicators

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