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Patient Reviews

This small section collects feedbacks from our patients who have finished the course of rehabilitation treatment. Looking through them - you can learn a lot about the features of the relationship in the center, the results and of course - about the process of recovery. The section is very useful for patients who decide where exactly to go for a rehabilitation course. And allows to understand many fine points of the treatment process in Lithuania.

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Liudmila ( Belarus )


After heart surgery, I was on recovery in a rehabilitation hospital near Minsk, but there was no result. Incidentally, I found a site about "Abromishkes" and decided to try treatment there. What will you come across in Abromishkes? From the doors, from the registry: attention, care, high professionalism and most importantly - collective is waiting for you to HELP! High level of medical competence is true, and constant care for you throughout the entire period of treatment is also true! Beautiful nature, excellent attendants, inconspicuous and operative nurses, attentive, professional and most importantly, interested in your treatment doctors. Thanks to everyone !!! A great team that will help you! The main thing is to come and tell them about your problems.

Anna (Kaliningrad)


I visited the rehabilitation center Abromiškės for the first time in November-December 2016. 3 years have passed after an ischemic stroke, and I did not expect any positive result, because I could not move, but a miracle happened. After a three-week treatment there were many positive results. All those who have the same health problems I wish to do not despair, and take the recover in this Center, you will certainly be helped here . The staff of the Center are investing their souls in a noble cause. Special thanks to Olga Ereshuniene for her benevolent attitude and help; Laima Misarene - neurologist for professionalism and care; Igor - kinesitherapist, who uses his techniques to put people on their feet; Ernesta- ergotherapist, she revived my sick hand; and all the other employees for their professionalism.

Liubov (Kaliningrad)


Hello! Congratulations on the New Year! We wish you success and great achievements! Our Nina came to you in grave condition after a severe stroke, and thanks to your professionalism and knowledge, you brought her back to normal life! Now our family is together again and rejoices every new day. I can not believe that it happens: she could not sit on her own and be unaccompanied, and now she walks with a walker or under our control! Everything you taught her again, and most importantly gave the chance to be a full-fledged person. The whole complex of exercises, medications, procedures and undoubtedly very attentive and good-nature team created for us a huge miracle!

Julia (Moldova)


Many thanks to Olga Ponomari and her son Zhorik for the recommendation. A huge thanks to the staff for their work and attitude! It's a success! Dima went! We will definitely return more than once!
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