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When you feel bad, listen to the nature. A silence of the world calms down better than millions of unnecessary words.


The rehabilitation center Abromishkes is located in a very beautiful place: it is sinking in a pine grove and is adjacent to the large lake Oris. The trimmed territory and remoteness from the main highways makes it a desirable place of treatment. Some mention a special aura of this place, others - a wonderful air, the third - all together. Undoubtedly one: the medical center has an extremely successful location for such profile of the institution.

After medical and diagnostic procedures you can relax in your room. However, we offer and constantly improve places for active rest and communication. The large own territory of the center with luxuriant nature and gorgeous air urges for walks and oxygen baths. A beautiful winter garden with an extensive recreation area. Tea room, cinema and places of communication make rehabilitation treatment also a treatment for the soul.

Active rest and leisure

Hiking through the territory

Scandinavian walking

Rest in the winter garden

Library at your service

Viewing movies in the evenings

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For the treatment we provide rooms of several types for you and the accompanying persons

You can choose the accommodation on the Rooms page. Or to choose a program with accommodation already included.

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