Adult rehabilitation

Cardiovascular diseases and conditions, neurological diseases and conditions, joint diseases, recovery


Rehabilitation for children

Respiratory diseases, musculo-sceletal injuries, neurological diseases, eye diseases etc.

Diagnostic department

Clinical physiology examinations, muscle strength measurement etc.

News and suggestions


Project "Use of renewable energy resources (geothermal energy) in Abromiškių rehabilitation hospital, replacing fossil fuel"

We inform you that in 2022 June 01 VšĮ Abromiškių rehabilitation hospital signed a financing agreement with the Environmental Project Management Agency of the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania regarding ...

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A solar power station is already operational!

A solar power station is already operational!

2021 March 26 the contract works for the project “Use of Renewable Energy Resources (Solar) in Abromiškės Rehabilitation Hospital” have been completed and ...

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Congratulations on autism day from psychologists of children's department!

Congratulations on autism day from psychologists of children's department!

You are and be strong in raising your children. You are and remain patient in trying to understand their needs. You are and ...

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About us

When choosing a rehabilitation facility, it is important to consider certain aspects that may mark a contribution to your healing process. We are proud of our many years of experience and earned patient trust both in Lithuania and abroad.

We treat people from all corners of Lithuania - established by the Abromiškės Rehabilitation Hospital in the middle of the country, surrounded by lakes and pine forests, in convenient access from any city or town.

Abromiškės Rehabilitation Hospital has undoubted advantages that are important for the institution to restore or strengthen your health:

  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Effective and innovative treatment methods
  • Individual approach
  • Monitoring the rehabilitation process
  • We work together on the road to recovery
  • Pleasant treatment atmosphere


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